About Us

"Where can I find nice clothes for my husband?" It was a question Jeff Blue had heard over and over at holiday parties, barbecues, and kids' soccer games in the western suburbs of Boston.

"Men want to look nice, they just hate shopping, especially if it means walking through the perfume aisle at a department store or feeling intimidated by a trendy boutique," explains Blue. That's why this former marketing exec at big brand footwear and apparel companies and his wife Martha decided to open Blue Dry Goods on Walden Street in downtown Concord.

"This is not your father's men's store. It's less formal and includes the kind of current brands that aren't found in the national chain stores," says Blue. The idea behind Blue Dry Goods is to offer men comfortable, wearable clothing that walks the line between tradition and trend.

"We've created a store that's reminiscent of the classic menswear stores of the past, yet with a fresh, contemporary appeal for today's men. Our store's interior also mixes old with new to create a relaxed, no-pressure zone for shopping," says Martha Blue. "Customers seem to really like that about our store."

"With all the great women's clothing stores in town, we thought it was time to offer something for men," says Jeff. "We want to make it easy for guys, and the women who shop for them, by bringing together a variety of hard-to-find brands in one convenient location." Blue Dry Goods also offers an expansive range of updated classics for boys, sizes 8-20.