About Us

“Where can I find nice clothes for my husband?" It was a question Jeff Blue had heard over and over at holiday parties, barbecues, and kids' soccer games in the western suburbs of Boston. That's why this former marketing exec at big brand footwear and apparel companies decided in 2008 to open Blue Dry Goods on Walden Street in downtown Concord. 

Kathy Smith, an employee of Jeff since 2010, has always had a knack for retail. With forty years of retail experience it had always been a dream of hers to own her own clothing store. When Jeff offered Kathy the chance to buy the store in 2021 she wasn’t expecting it, but the idea of it excited her. Knowing the customer base helped her jump quickly into ownership. 

Since Kathy has taken over the store she has kept things traditional but added a new perspective to the selection by bringing in some new brands, along with a larger selection of accessories and shoes. The idea behind Blue Dry Goods is to offer men comfortable, wearable clothing that walks the line between tradition and trend. Blue Dry Goods also offers an expansive range of updated classics for boys, sizes 8-20.